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The Handy App Guide

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first part on our guide on how to use the Parkbytext app.
Don’t worry, it is a really straightforward affair – so let’s begin!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to grab the latest version of the app. Android users can find here, while iPhone owners can do the same here.

Part 1 – Setting up your account.

Well, hello there!

The first thing you would need to do is set up your account. To do so, simply select the country where you intend to use the service and tap on “Sign Up”. Our system will ask you a couple of questions, and the account will be ready in just about a minute.

The whole setup would take about a minute or even less.

The next step is to log in – just tap on the button and enter your phone number and password.

1. Search Bar. You can easily find look up and select a parking location by typing its name or location code (both can be seen on the signage, which is placed at the car park).

2. Tapping this icon will center the map over your current location.

3. This is the current account balance. You can always top up from 4. if your balance ever runs low.

5. All currently supported locations are marked on them map by blue pins. You can tell whether you are near a parking just by taking a quick look.

6. If you ever need assistance, feel free to visit our chat by tapping on this button.

7. The buttons here would allow to move between the different screens, as well as access additional options.

Part 2 – Creating Your Parking Pass

To set up your parking pass, simply type in the code (or the name) of the car park you wish to use in the search bar. Then tap on it once.

Typing either the name, or the location code will bring up the relevant location. Tapping on the blank search bar will show a list of all parking locations instead.
Once you tap on the name of the car park, you will be provided with additional options

We are almost done! Now to finalize the pass – tap “Park Here”.

Feel free to tweak the pass to your liking – you can change the car reg, duration, start time, and even use a vehicle which is not currently put on the account.

When you have everything adjusted the way you want it, tap on “Pay Now” and just just wait for the pop-up confirmation.

And that’s about it – you have just created your first pass!

Next time we will look into editing and reassigning passes, as well as changing the settings of your account.



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