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Is car reg 1 & car reg 2 covered under the same transaction?


No. You will need to create a separate transaction for each vehicle or edit the parking transaction so that the vehicle you are using is covered to park.

Car registration 1 is the default car reg.


How can I change my account details?


You can change your account details, such as vehicle registration and mobile number, through the Account Settings page online or in the app.


How will I know if my balance is running low?


You can view your account balance in the statement page online or on the home screen in the app.
You can set your account to automatically top-up when a low balance is reached in the Account Settings page.


How do I top up my account?


You can top-up your account through the app homepage or the top-up page online. Simply enter your card details and select the amount to top-up by to process your top-up.


Do I have to receive an SMS reminder?


No, this is a feature you can enable in your Account Settings page online or in the app.


Are push notifications for parking reminders available on the app?


As of February 2018, parkbytext will be introducing push notifications to app users. Push notifications will enable you to receive reminders that your parking pass is about to expire, at no additional cost.

Currently this is in the experimental phase of development, visible as an opt-in button in Account Settings on both the app and website. It will be live in the next version of the app due for release in March.


How do I close my account?


Click here for details on how to close your account, available through Account Settings in the app or online.