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Seven Facts about the Irish Draught Horse

With the excitement of the upcoming Dublin Horse Show mounting, we at parkbytext have done a bit of research into Ireland’s most popular horse, the Irish Draught Horse- the category we are proudly sponsoring. 
See how many facts  you knew before, and compare your knowledge with friends!

  1. The Irish Draught is the only native breed of horse in Ireland
  2. The world renown show jumping horse, the Irish Sport Horse, is a crossbreed between a Thoroughbred and an Irish Draught.
  3. An Irish Draught, Carling King, came fourth in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens for show jumping.
  4. Over the generations the Irish Draught has gone by over 25 names such as: Cart Horse, Omnibus, Irish Hunter, and the Half-Bred Horse.
  5. Today the Irish Draught Horse is classified as an endangered breed and approximately 600 foals are registered in Ireland annually.
  6. To save the Irish Draught from extinction the Ministry of Agriculture in 1917 created the Stud Book to register and track the breed.
  7. The Irish Draught Horse Society (IDHS) was established in 1976, with the sole intention of preventing the breed from becoming extinct.
We hope you learned more about Ireland’s native and prestigious Draught Horse. When we see you at the Dublin Horse show you’ll now have some facts to impress your friends with!

parkbytext are sponsoring the Irish Draught horse classes. The aim of the Irish Draught classes is to showcase the versatility of the Irish Draught Horse and highlight the importance of the leisure horse to the Irish breeding industry.
The Irish draught is Ireland’s indigenous breed of horse and as such has a very special place at the heart of Ireland’s fame as a horse breeding nation. 


parkbytext sponsor the Dublin Horse Show

parkbytext are proud to be sponsoring the Irish Draught Classes at the Dublin Horse Show 2016! The Horse Show runs from the 20th to the 24th of July in the RDS.

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Parking at the Dublin Horse Show

Park and gallop to the Dublin Horse Show with parkbytext and Irish Rail!

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