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No, the warden can check if you have an active parking session by checking your car's registration plate.

parkbytext is a method for parking your vehicle that makes use of mobile phone and online technologies to make the parking experience more customer-friendly and convenient.

For account holders initiate parking session by:

• Text: PARK [location code] [duration] to 51155

Note: Duration can be hour (h), day (d), week (w) or month (m).
e.g. PARK 0765 D to 51155 to park for one day at location 0765
e.g. PARK 0765 W to 51155 to park for one week at location 0765

(Do not include space in the duration, i.e 1DAY)

• App: Click “Create Parking Pass” tab

Simply download the parkbytext™ app from the App Store / Google Play log-in, and then click on the “Create Parking Pass” tab.

• Online: Log-in and click “Pre-Pay” button or click “Pre-Pay” button directly from the homescreen.

• Phone: Call: 0818 444 999
A parkbytext account holder is a customer whom created an account either online at parkbytext.ie by clicking "Sign-up" on the homepage;  by texting: PARK to 51155 and following text instructions; by calling the helpdesk on 0818 444 999; or by registering on Facebook.com/parkbytext 

These users receive more benefits than a non-parkbytext user. One such benefit is that an account holder does not need to enter their payment card details each time they park their vehicle - as their payment (credit / debit) card is directly associated with their account. 

parkbytext account holders can also log-in to their own account on parkbytext and change their account settings and can view an account statement and parking transactions.

Multiple days allow you to purchase multiple hours up to a point where it is cheaper to buy a day's parking, similar with days and weeks.

To purchase 2 days parking at location 0765 simply Text: PARK 0765 2D to 51155

No, although creating an account is extremely easy (Online or Text) to do, you do not have to be an account holder to use parkbytext™.


For a customer not yet an account holder:


Initiate parking session by:

• Text: PARK [location code] [car registration] to 51155

e.g. PARK 0765 07D73973 to 51155

Payment instructions are sent to your mobile phone by text message.



• Online: Click “Pre-Pay” button directly from the homescreen.

You can go online to www.parkbytext.ie and visit Pre-Pay Parking page - then click the Pre-Pay button. This will open a dialog box. Once you have all your information filled out click Pre-Pay and you will create a new parking session. You can view this newly created parking session under the Pre-pay parking button in the table with all your parking history. Using the pre-pay facility does not reserve a parking space in the required location.
There is a service fee of 50c per month, per vehicle, excluding VAT for web accounts.

• Standard network charges apply for all texts.

• A convenience charge will apply per parking session. These charges vary based on location. Please see signage at the location for a list of convenience charges. 

• SMS reminders sent to the account holder are charged at 20c per message received. 

• Calls to 0818 444 999 are charged at your service provider's national call rate.

Once you are a parkbytext™ Account Holder it takes as little time as it takes you to text PARK [location code] [duration].

The location code will be displayed on the signage or you can find it online.
Duration can be hour (h), day (d), week (w) or month (m).

Other ways to make payment are:


 App: Click “Create Parking Pass” tab


Simply download our free new App from the App Store / Google Play (click to download), log-in, and then click on the “Create Parking Pass” tab.


 Online: Log-in and click “Pre-Pay” button or click “Pre-Pay” button directly from the     homescreen.



• Phone: Call: 0818 444 999

Calling the automated voice service takes no longer than a minute and a half.

No, this system is completely independent of parking meters.
You can pay for parking from wherever you are in the world using your mobile phone, so as long as your account is activated and we have your vehicle details. You will need to know the location code for the car-park you are parking in - this can be found on the signage on online.
No - Each mobile phone number can only be associated with one parkbytext™ account. You can have a maximum of two mobile phone numbers on one account i.e. his and hers for example. 

You can also have multiple cars and multiple payment cards registered too - but you have to tell us which vehicle and which payment card you are using. We instruct as we go, so it's easy.
You can park at any of our 300 locations nationwide. Please see our locations page for full details:
You can pay by phone- by calling our helpdesk, by text, text this and follow instructions, via the app, and for selected location through your mobiles phone bill or credit with 2bill. 
parkbytext provides a mobile parking payments (MPP) platform to NCPS, and other car park operators in the UK. Our mission is to provide customers with a quick, easy and convenient parking payment option, in place of payment machines. When a NCPS Enforcement Officer is ensuring compliance at a car park where parkbytext is a payment option, they will view all successful and current parking transactions created through the parkbytext system, in real-time, on their handheld device.  Any vehicles found not to be complaint with the car park rules will face enforcement action.
All enforcement appeals need to be fully documented in your appeal with NCPS. All appeals must be submitted online through http://ncps.ie/appeals, as per the instructions issued to you by the Enforcement Officer.